The mission of the National Institute for Learning Development is to build the competence and confidence of those who struggle to learn by training educators and developing programs.   


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A warm welcome to all newly trained NILD educational therapist interns!  There are 149 of you who attended Level I courses around the country this summer and are now poised to give help to struggling learners in a variety of settings around the globe. My hope is that you will find this to be a stimulating and deeply satisfying new career. Reflecting upon my own NILD training in 1984, I remember being very nervous as I approached that therapy station for the first time wondering if I really knew what I was doing! Yet, the “doing” of the program proved to be a great confidence builder over time. Seeing changes in student competence and confidence was a strong motivator for me to continue learning this sound, theory-based approach to building thinking skills. Plan to take Level II as soon as possible!  We hope to have our new online Level II up and running next summer. Initial reports from those who took our new Level I online are very favorable.  Our participants enjoyed the interactive online format with only one week away from home for the residency portion.

 Another 81 educational therapists completed Level II training this year.  I am sure each of you found it to be just what you needed to enhance and strengthen your skills as well as introduce you to the rest of the NILD techniques. Your increased knowledge and expertise will transfer into student progress more quickly. You have made a wise investment. Do plan to continue with Level III as soon as possible to become fully NILD certified.

 A very special congratulations to the 57 educational therapists who have now completed Level III and are eligible for NILD certification.  You will soon have the privilege of putting the initials CET (Certified Educational Therapist) beside your name.  I trust this has been your finest experience in NILD training courses.  The learning does not stop, however.  We have great conferences planned for the coming year with exciting speakers and special workshops.  Watch for details!  Have a great beginning to your school year.


Attention:   All NILD Member Therapists

You can now login at the Members and view and update some of your information, also check out the new Online Directory all member therapists are now listed with their certifications.


Discovery Program, Inc., is the subsidiary of NILD that delivers learning development services to students in a community- based model.  Programs developed by NILD are provided to children in our Learning Development Centers, as well as in over a dozen local schools.  Our offices are located throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia region in Norfolk, Suffolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.  Individualized programs are offered in both small group and one-on-one settings where learning challenges are mediated through dynamic, interactive language.  Students discover and practice clear cognitive strategies which develop advanced reasoning and academic abilities. The therapists and leadership of DP, Inc. work with other professionals to coordinate a spectrum of services including the following:

·       NILD Educational Therapy

·       Rx for Discovery Reading

·       Search and Teach

·       FIE Basic

·       Tutoring

·       Speech Therapy

·       Psycho-Educational Evaluations

For more information on DP, Inc.’s model or programs please click here.


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