Discovery Program

Discovery Program delivers learning development services to students in a community-based model. Programs developed by NILD are provided to children in our Learning Development Centers, local independent and public schools, and through teletherapy. Discovery Program offices are located throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia region in Norfolk, Suffolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.

Individualized cognitive enrichment programs are offered in both small group and one-on-one settings where learning challenges are mediated through dynamic, interactive language. Students discover and practice clear cognitive strategies that develop thinking, reasoning, and academic abilities. The educational therapists and leadership of Discovery Program work with other professionals to coordinate a spectrum of services, including the following:

  • NILD Educational Therapy (one-on-one and small group)
  • Rx for Discovery Reading
  • Rx 4 Discovery Math I and II
  • Search and Teach
  • FIE Basic & Standard
  • Tutoring
  • Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Because Discovery Program worked with selected students, (several who struggled in reading for years), they have showed improved reading abilities. Westhaven Elementary is proud to have Discovery Program as a partner directly impacting student achievement.

Patricia S. Williams

Discovery Program joined in partnership with us to provide small group in-depth interventions for students who have deficits in various areas of reading. The program has been received well by our students, parents, and teachers. Teachers commented on the improvement of their students and parents were appreciative of the additional assistance for their children. The educational therapists were flexible in the time that they worked with students and always gave positive feedback.

Post-testing results showed that the students who received reading assistance scored significantly higher on tests following intervention. We look forward to a continued association with Discovery Program.

Sandra C. Cox

Students receiving cognitive enrichment develop their abilities to learn and become stronger, more independent learners because they are better able to:
  • pay attention and stay focused on the teacher’s voice
  • accurately hear and remember what the teacher is saying
  • read visual information on the whiteboard or computer screen
  • identify and comprehend the main points of what is being taught and accurately determine the significant information to record
  • remember how to spell words needing to be written
  • write legibly
  • complete homework accurately and independently
Educational specialists foster students’ journeys to independent thinking and learning by individualizing the intervention:
  • focusing specifically on students’ areas of difficulty and dealing with challenges as they arise during the actual learning process
  • maintaining the intensity of focus needed to help the student work through difficulties
  • developing the trust needed to free the student to accept and work on difficult areas
Parents assist their child’s journey to independent thinking and learning by:
  • providing structure and accountability
  • supervising homework
  • maintaining regular contact with the educational specialist to increase understanding of the learning process and collaborate in providing an effective program for their child