NILD Telepractice I Workshop (online)

The pre-recorded NILD Telepractice I Workshop will demonstrate how the NILD Level I (or higher) Educational Therapist can deliver educational therapy services through a reliable and interactive online platform (Zoom). Maintaining the standards and procedures of each educational therapy session is crucial, so this training will focus on specific guidelines for how the integrity of NILD techniques can be maintained in a virtual setting. Therapists will see a demonstration of techniques to learn how to deliver sessions with the same accuracy as face-to-face. The entire training takes place online using the Zoom video-conferencing platform, allowing therapists to experience firsthand this user-friendly and interactive format.

This workshop is designed to instruct participants how to effectively provide NILD Teletherapy with the same accuracy as face-to-face and how to use this NILD/Zoom teletherapy platform. An NILD Teletherapist License is required to actually use the teletherapy platform. This license is not included with the workshop but requires an additional purchase. Click below for more information about licensure.

Families may prefer teletherapy when:

  • They have difficulty finding a trained ET in their area
  • The student is home-bound
  • They live in a remote location
  • They live out-of-country

Advantages to therapist:

  • Reduced commute times
  • Increased reach
  • Continue working with a student whose family moves
  • Increased availability time
  • Can be used to meet with teachers/administrators during an IEP meeting
  • Can be used to review Individualized Therapy Plans with Parents (a PPT with a summary of the Psycho-Educational Evaluation is very effective)
  • User-friendly with intuitive menu options and simple controls
  • Ample training and support available through our online platform’s (Zoom) website

The workshop is pre-recorded and is available anytime.

Download Licensure Info

NILD Teletherapy enables educational therapists to reach students who are homebound, geographically remote or otherwise unable to engage in face-to-face therapy. NILD Telepractice I enables educational therapists to expand their practices and add flexible scheduling to a busy workday. Zoom is a fantastic online platform for connecting with parents, teachers, and other colleagues as you seek to meet the needs of your therapy students.  It is also HIPAA compliant via our licensing procedures and it the only platform approved to conduct NILD Educational Therapy.

  • Successful completion of NILD Level I course.
  • This course is a pre-requisite for NILD Telepractice II.
  • Note that upon successful completion of this workshop, participants become eligible to purchase an NILD Teletherapist License which is required in order to use the Zoom/NILD teletherapy platform and conduct NILD Educational Therapy digitally. Click above to download licensure information.

Pre-Recorded Training – Available Anytime 

I am unable to see students in person.  Can I conduct therapy virtually online?

Yes, if you have been trained in telepractice by NILD AND have either an approved license or teletherapist certification?

What is telepractice training?

NILD has pre-recorded a short two-hour training providing the proper procedure as well as tips and tricks for providing NILD Educational Therapy in a digital format.

How much does telepractice training cost?

The cost is $150.

Does telepractice training allow me to conduct NILD Educational Therapy online?

No, not by itself.  You need an approved license OR teletherapist certification.

Do I get any digital files after training?

No, but if you purchase an approved license or certification, we do send a set of digital teletherapy files to help you get started.

What is an “approved license?”

NILD utilizes Zoom to conduct educational therapy virtually.  We have secured a business account from which we sublicense NILD teletherapists to use our platform.  Our account is HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant and is therefore secure for students under the age of 18.

What does that mean?  Do I get my own account?

In order to practice NILD Educational Therapy virtually, you must purchase a Zoom license from NILD.  You will be invited to activate your own account under NILD’s parent account.

How much does that cost?

The annual cost is $275 but we do prorate the price monthly. 

Do I have to buy a full year?  What if I only need a license for a few months? 

Because we prorate the licenses, the cost goes down on the first of each month.  You may purchase the license from us at any point in the licensing year which runs from September 1 to August 31 even if you only need it for a month or two.

What if I already have a Zoom account?  How will it be affected by coming under the NILD umbrella?

It will be merged under our account and will be converted to a “business” account with HIPAA compliance.  You will no longer be able to record to the cloud but will otherwise maintain all features of your existing account.  If you let your NILD Zoom license lapse or if you no longer need it, all features will revert to your original license type.

My current Zoom account is a “free,” “personal paid,” or “pro” account, can I just use that instead?

No.  NILD’s standard is that all accounts be covered by a HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance agreement to ensure the safety of the students in an online environment.

You mentioned a teletherapist certification.  What is that?

Some schools and larger private practices purchase business accounts with Zoom just as NILD does.  IF, you work for a school or private practice that has a group Zoom account AND it has a HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance agreement, you may secure a teletherapist certification in lieu of purchasing the Zoom account from NILD.

What is the cost of certification?

$50 annually – due September 1.

If I buy the Zoom account, do I have to also pay the certification fee?


You keep mentioning the HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance agreement.  How is it different from my regular account?

While HIPAA/PIPEDA generally applies to healthcare records, the protections it affords the end user are valuable across many areas, especially when working with minors.  This agreement prohibits recording to the cloud (to ensure privacy), provides and extra security layer to all meetings, and prohibits Zoom from accessing the meetings or any user information from the meeting attendees. 

This seems like a lot.  Is it really necessary?

Yes.  NILD Educational Therapy is not just a methodology, it is a profession.  Just like IDA, ACSI, and ASHA, NILD is a professional, licensing body.  It is our best-practice procedure to ensure that all therapists conduct therapy in an efficacious manner consistent with our standards.  We want to further ensure that students around the globe receive the highest-quality learning experience.  Consistency in practice and requirements helps to ensure this experience. 

What if I don’t want to buy the license or certify?

Unfortunately, you may not practice NILD Educational Therapy or our other interventions in a virtual or digital format.


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