NILD Licensee Benefits and Certifications

NILD Standard Licensure

Standard licensure is open to those who have completed:

  • at least NILD Educational Therapy Level I Training
  • NILD Conference attendance (minimum: 1 conference within the last 2 years)
  • 100 student contact hours within the past year
  • 2 NILD or related field webinars in the past year

Online NILD license renewal application

**Please note – Renewal is ONLINE ONLY, paper applications will not be processed.

Renewable annually by October 1; licensure expires annually on September 30 and must be renewed in order to continue practicing educational therapy utilizing NILD’s name, techniques, and/or materials).  Late renewals will be assessed a $25 late fee.

As an NILD intern licensee you’ll enjoy the advantages of these valuable benefits:

  • 10% Discount on NILD Materials, Courses, and Conferences
  • Continuing education opportunities – webinars, workshops, conferences
  • Free subscription to general and specialized (if applicable) professional learning community forum
  • Career Building Tools:  Being licensed means you will be listed on our “Find A Therapist” link, can advertise position openings, spotlight your credentials, and use the NILD name and logo for brand awareness, advertising and marketing, and conduct educational therapy utilizing NILD techniques and materials.

NILD Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to inactive/retired educational therapists, college students, teachers, parents Search and Teach© providers, missionaries, and those who have taken our Rx for Discovery Reading, Rx 4 Discovery Math and/or Rx for Discovery Writing courses and who are NOT educational therapists. Affiliate membership is also open to interested lay people.

Click here to renew online (renewable annually by October 1; member benefits expire annually on September 30)

**Please note – We are processing ONLY ONLINE renewals; paper applications will not be processed.

As an NILD Affiliate Member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 5% discount on NILD materials (excluding therapy materials which cannot be purchased)
  • 5% discount on Educational Training Events
  • Free subscription to NILD’s email conference

NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET) Overview

Online PCET Application 

**Please note – All renewals are ONLY  ONLINE, paper applications will not be processed. 

The NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET) certification is recognized and respected by educational therapists, administrators and parents alike. Educational therapists who earn this certification exemplify NILD’s core values as they demonstrate integrity, stimulate learning and innovation, and promote teamwork and collaboration. NILD PCETs show integrity by maintaining high professional standards and commitment to students. They choose to be innovative by being part of an organization that knows mere compensation for learning disabilities will never do justice to a struggling student. And they exhibit synergy; the combined, cooperative action, which proves that much more, can be accomplished as we work together.

NILD PCETs are NILD’s most highly trained therapists who, in addition to being licensed to practice NILD educational therapy, are professionally certified. The process of becoming professionally certified as well as maintaining professional certification from year-to-year challenges therapists to maintain high standards through on-going professional development requirements.

Upon successful completion of NILD Level III training, and all the prerequisites required for taking the Level III course, the educational therapist may apply (see below for Application & Renewal Procedures) for PCET status. This certification is renewed annually by October 1st and expires on September 30th of the succeeding year.  Late renewals will be assessed a $25 late fee.

NILD PCET Initial Certification Qualifications

  • Successful completion of NILD Trainings Levels I, II, and III
  • NILD Conference attendance (minimum: 1 conference within the last 2 years)
  • 200 student contact hours within the past year
  • Two Letters of Reference (see PCET application for details)

NILD PCET Re-certification Professional Development Requirements

  • Attendance at 1 Regional Conference within the last 2 years
  • 200 student contact hours within the past year OR be a Program Director (click here to see defining characteristics)
  • Complete ONE of the following options:
    1. Take an NILD course or workshop
    2. 3 CEUs from education related class or workshop
    3. 3 Graduate Credits
    4. Take an FIE training course
    5. Participate in 2 NILD webinars or within related field
    6. Be an NILD Mentor
    7. Present at an NILD conference or industry related conference

NILD Teletherapy Certification

In order to practice NILD interventions digitally, you MUST either:

• Purchase a Zoom license from NILD – this license is HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant (required by NILD for the safety and privacy of our students and therapists) and is priced at $275 for the year (will be prorated depending on date of purchase) and will include certification through 8/31/2021


• Work for a school/practice that has a HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant Business Associate Agreement with Zoom (on a paid business or corporate account) AND pay your $50 teletherapist certification fee.

**No other platforms are approved for use for NILD Educational Therapy. Licensure is priced and purchased separately through NILD.

**NILD interventions may not be conducted digitally otherwise. Anyone found doing so will be considered out of compliance with their license and is in jeopardy of having their license revoked.


Benefits of being a certified NILD Educational Teletherapist:

• Free subscription to a dedicated online support group (e-conference)—a telepractice mentoring resource to continue your professional development

• NILD Educational Teletherapist Certification will be added to your credentials on the NILD website under “Find a Teletherapist”

• Identification with the NILD brand and reputation

• Diversification of your practice – reach more students more often – snow days, sick days, and locale are no longer barriers

• Compliance with high-quality licensing and security standards

• Peace of mind from knowing students are still able to receive the interventions they need to be successful, independent learners


New or Renewal Certification 

Zoom License/Certification