Feuerstein FIE Standard Level III Course

NILD is a Feuerstein Institute Authorized Training Center (ATC). For more information about the work of Professor Reuven Feuerstein, go to:  www.icelp.info/en.

To learn more about Instrumental Enrichment (IE), go to the Feuerstein website.

“The FIE training has brought depth to my NILD techniques.  The two complement each other and enhance a student’s learning potential.”

~Jennifer Smith, PCET from Bellevue Christian School, WA~

Participants will complete Feuerstein’s Instrument Enrichment (FIE) program in this final course. Additional theoretical aspects of FIE, assessment and practice in implementing an FIE lesson with a group will also be developed. Includes comprehensive instruction in the remaining instruments of the IE Program: Orientation in Space II, Syllogisms, Representational Stencil Design, Transitive Relations and Numerical Progression.

Successful completion of FIE Standard Level II.