GeoClock Fundamenals Workshop©

The GeoClock Fundamentals training is a didactic and practicum workshop designed to reinforce and strengthen mathematical concepts in students Grades K-2.   Participants will be introduced to the neurological nature of temporal and spatial orientation and will discover ways to assist students in strengthening these inner senses.   Research relating temporal and spatial orientation to mathematics outcomes will be presented. Participants will explore the GeoClock, an educational tool, and method that assists in the development of cognitive and perceptual skills and encourages divergent thinking.  Practicum time will be devoted to the creation of GeoClock lessons that can be used with educational therapy. 


  • Understand how the GeoClock©, an educational tool and method, strengthens students’ temporal and spatial orientation by providing concrete representations of time, fractions, geometric shapes, and angles
  • This training is provided through both asynchronous work and a live training day.


  • Define temporal orientation and articulate how movement can support students’ understanding of artificial time
  • Understand how temporal and spatial orientation impacts students’ mathematical understanding and outcomes
  • Understand how the GeoClock© supports students’ development of cognitive, non-cognitive, perceptual, and academic skills and encourages divergent thinking
  • Use the GeoClock© educational tool to design and implement lessons on time, fractions, geometric shapes, and angles

    Materials included: Training Manual, GeoClock Fundamentals Workbook, GeoClock.  To order additional clocks or student workbooks after your training has been completed, please contact