Clinical Director

Learning for All, Inc.
Educational Therapy and Cognitive Development
3575 Kenyon St. #102
San Diego, CA 92110

Clinical Director Position

As a premier provider of Educational Therapy in San Diego, Learning for All is growing exponentially! We are seeking a highly qualified and passionate Clinical Director to join our team. This is a senior-level management position working closely with the Executive Director to help lead an energetic, expertly trained team of educational therapists and therapeutic tutors who are dedicated to helping students who learn differently achieve their fullest potential. Work directly with our clients and their families providing assessments and creating therapy plans that have a life-changing impact on the lives of adults and children with learning challenges. We have a reputation in our community for excellence and lasting results! This position would be a great fit for an experienced educational professional with GREAT leadership skills who wants stability, a collaborative environment, and the opportunity to contribute to multiple facets of our organization within their genius zones, including assessment, therapy, training, consultation, marketing, and leadership/team management. This opportunity has incredible growth potential for a team player who wants to be an integral part of taking our highly regarded program to the next level.

About us:
At Learning for All®, we are passionate about helping learners of all ages who struggle academically with topics such as spelling, reading, writing, and math and cognitively with topics such as attention, memory, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. We specialize in working with clients who are challenged by learning differences using a personalized, multi-sensory approach that helps students develop new neural pathways for learning. Research shows evidence-based, multi-sensory, systematic instruction helps students with learning challenges master concepts according the ways their unique brains process information. Our methods are research-driven, fully integrated, and explicit, tailored for the specific needs of each individual learner and administered by our highly trained Licensed Educational Therapists and Therapeutic Tutors. All of the therapies we offer integrate cognitive skill building with targeted academic or functional remediation. We don’t just teach students WHAT to learn, we teach them HOW to learn. We attain mastery so that our students gain confidence and experience success in the classroom and in life.


We teach THINKING so everyone can LEARN®


We empower every learner to achieve their fullest potential.

Job Description:
• Oversee and manage day-to-day operations across three locations
• Supervise and manage staff and leadership team, including assisting Executive Director in hiring and training
• Manage client intake and assessments, creation of therapy plans, progress consultations, and provide IEP support
• Supervise implementation of therapy plans, provide trouble-shooting and ongoing support to our team of therapists
• Help develop content, programs, and curriculum
• Interface and collaborate with allied professionals to provide comprehensive care for our clients
• Participate with the Executive Director in professional networking and community outreach and education

• Master’s Degree or higher in psychology, education, special education, or related field
• Educational Therapist Certification (NILD or AET), Licensed Educational or Clinical Psychologist, or Special Educational Credential, or equivalent
• Team management and leadership experience – 2+ years
• Experience giving assessments, report writing, and presenting findings – 2+ years
• Experience teaching or performing therapeutic work with children and adults who learn differently
• Deep understanding of conditions that cause learning challenges including, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, autism, neuro-developmental disorders (cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, down syndrome etc.), non-verbal/perceptual reasoning deficits, specific learning disabilities, auditory and visual processing deficits, social-emotional challenges, sensory processing deficits, and acquired conditions such as TBI, PTSD, and trauma.

• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
• Excellent administrative and organizational skills
• Proven problem-solver who loves to collaborate and enjoys finding and implementing creative solutions
• Autonomous, self-starter with the ability to wear multiple hats in a fast-paced environment
• Experienced team leader who creates pathways for our staff to grow their abilities and leadership skills to serve the company in their highest value roles.
• Compassionate professional and active listener who can demystify learning disabilities profiles and inspire trust and confidence in our clients and their families

We offer…
• Competitive Salary, commensurate with experience + Performance Bonus
• Paid Time Off
• Healthcare
• 401(k)
• Profit Share
• Ongoing Training and Certification Opportunities
• Professional Development Grants

Applicants are requested to send cover letter and/or video introduction and resume to Rachel Herman, MA, PCET, Founder and Executive Director, for immediate consideration.