Full Time Educational Therapist


Under direction of the school’s Principals and the Learning Center Director, the Educational Specialist / NILD Therapist is assigned to provide learning enrichment services, NILD therapy, and other educational assistance to students and to assist the Learning Center Director, Principals and Teachers to fulfill the mission of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values. The school administration and Learning Center Director may assign additional duties or specify other functions as may be needed by the school.

For applicants interested in joining our NILD Educational Therapy team as part of a potential expansion plan for our program, please review the following information.


  • Cypress Christian School teacher application
  • Submit a technique video demonstration with a student of your choice (up to 30 minutes) highlighting the 5 Core NILD Techniques with additional techniques as time permits – email to Amy.Simcik@CypressChristian.org or mail dvd to 11123 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77065 – Attn: Human Resources – Amy Simcik
  • Letter(s) of reference:

a. One letter of reference from previous NILD Instructor, or;

b. One letter of reference from parent of therapy student;

c. Both letters of reference are preferred, if possible

  • Please provide answers to the following questions in your cover letter:
  1. Why did you become an NILD Educational Therapist?
  2. Briefly describe your experience thus far in working as a therapist or previous experience in working with children with learning differences.


Therapist will use professional judgment and discretion in providing NILD Educational Therapy and educational support and services to provide for the following institutional needs:

  • Provide NILD Educational Therapy® services to students as assigned by the Learning Center Director.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and within programs authorized for the Learning Center by the school administration for students enrolled in Cypress Christian School utilizing rooms located at Cypress Christian.
  • Under supervision of Learning Center Director and school Principals, establish systematic collaboration with teachers to include ongoing classroom coaching as requested.
  • Assist Learning Center Director and Principals with annual progress monitoring assessments and/or measurements are conducted on all students enrolled in Learning Center Programs.
  • Coordinate with Learning Center Director regarding:

a. Selection and use of instructional materials and methods

b. Student evaluation

c. Maintenance of individual educational plans and anecdotal records

  • Meet regularly with Learning Center Director and classroom teachers to discuss and develop:

a. Program development

b. Student scheduling

c. Accommodations and/or modifications in students’ workload

  • In coordination with Learning Center Director, maintain regular education of parents from reporting of initial testing through graduation and withdrawal from program.
  • Perform additional duties as necessary or as directed by the Learning Center Director, Principal or Executive Director.


  • Effective multi-tasking, time management, and organizational skills
  • Superior interpersonal relationship skills, excellent judgment, discretion, and problem-solving with a strong work ethic
  • Physical stamina required to fulfill the professional obligations of the teaching profession and their specific faculty assignment
  • Flexibility and adaptability to schedule and other changes
  • Proficiency in computer and technology applications necessary for the teaching profession
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including ability to properly use the English language
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Background in education and teaching credentials preferred
  • Background in working with students with educational difficulties preferred


  • Must be a born-again Christian whose lifestyle and character demonstrate obedience to God and the Holy Scriptures.
  • Must be able to serve as a positive Christian role model to others in the CCS school context.
  • Must be able to accept and support the school’s doctrinal statement.
  • Must have an understanding of and commitment to CCS’s educational objectives and philosophy of education.
  • Must possess sufficient biblical knowledge that enables the therapist to integrate Scripture into subjects taught, thus imparting to the students a biblical worldview position.
  • Must faithfully attend a local church whose fundamental beliefs are in agreement with the Statement of Faith of this school.
  • Must affirm that working in this Christian school is consistent with what he/she believes is pleasing to God and represents a good stewardship of his/her time, talent, and professional abilities.
  • Must enjoy working with young people.

Apply for this position here https://cypresschristian.tedk12.com/hire/ApplicantProfileLogin.aspx?JobID=213