Full-time Educational Therapist


Title: NILD Educational Therapist

Reports to: Director of Educational Services

Work Year: August-May; 10 months

Position Focus: An NILD Educational Therapist services students assigned which includes coordinating with each teacher and parent involvement, providing NILD therapy as described in the manual, supervising accommodations per individual student needs, keeping account of grades/student output in the classroom, attending provided training, attending parent meetings, and coordinating needs with the Program Director.

Position Parameters:

Provides spiritual and professional leadership to the students, parents, and staff:

· Role-models Christian behavior and spiritual growth

· Participates in book studies developed by the Program Coordinator

· Integrates Biblical truth strands within weekly sessions

Provides instruction and analyzes/evaluates the development of individual students

· Develops individualized plans for weekly sessions based on student needs

· Incorporates NILD techniques within plans to accomplish a minimum of 8-10 per session

· Monitors student development through anecdotal records and specific testing

· Monitors student grades weekly, troubleshooting problems as they occur

· Designs and oversees accommodations aligned with CCS policy for each individual student

· Conducts two 80-minute sessions per student each week, making up sessions missed for therapist absence

· Reports on student growth annually using specific testing and protocol

· Communicates regularly with parents and teachers of each student including a quarterly report using the fillable form provided

· Maintains or works towards NILD Educational Certification

· Keeps abreast of current NILD standards and practices by attending provided webinars and/or conferences

· Performs as a liaison between student, teacher, and parent

· Maintains good communications and public relations with parents to ensure a strong home/school partnership

· Assists in professional development training regarding students with needs

· Attends faculty meetings and professional development required of teachers


· The NILD Educational Therapist must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an educational field or a field relating to academic needs

· Must have completed Level I training through NILD

· Must plan to continue to complete the levels of training until certified through NILD

· Demonstrated ability to prepare lessons and perform tasks designed according to the NILD manual

· Demonstrated ability to communicate with children, teachers, and parents

· A follower of Christ who is a member of good standing and actively serving in a Bible-believing church

Please send resume’ to Carol Minks at cminks@ccslancers.com. The full application is also required and located on the ccslancer.com website:  https://ccslancers.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Instructional-Staff-Application-2-2.pdf .