NILD Educational Therapy Level II Course

Level II provides a review of introductory NILD Educational Therapy® techniques and introduces a series of techniques for advanced students to include mediated learning and questioning skills.

Regent University Syllabus – Graduate Credit Only

Southeastern University Syllabus – Graduate Credit Only

  • Consists of four weeks of online work followed by one week of classroom instruction (residency). Note that the online portion of the course is hosted by NILD, with graduate credit options at Regent University and Southeastern University (SEU).  Both universities also offer Master’s Degree Programs in NILD Educational Therapy which do require a separate enrollment process (click the link for more information).
  • Through NILD’s range of courses and workshops, you can obtain continuing education credits as you seek to meet the needs of your students. Additionally, NILD Level I, II, and III courses can put you on track for becoming a Professionally Certified NILD Educational Therapist (PCET)! Click here for steps to certification.
  • Click on the above links to access the course syllabus. If your course is hosted by SEU then use the SEU version of the syllabus. Please read the syllabus carefully as there are required textbooks and materials that must be purchased through NILD and others that are only available from third parties.
  • Daily schedule for residency (classroom instruction) week for all NILD Level I courses held in the United States is 8am – 5pm Monday through Thursday and 8am – 12pm on Friday. Please note that the online and residency components for each course location can not be separated and matched with online or residency components of other locations.

This course will build upon prior knowledge and equip the educational therapist to more effectively implement NILD techniques. Specifically, upon successful completion of this course, the educational therapist will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to question students effectively
2. Demonstrate a beginning understanding of mediated learning
3. Interpret test results with emphasis upon prescribing an appropriate individualized program
4. Demonstrate proficiency in Level I techniques and a working knowledge of Level II techniques
5. Develop skills of pacing, transitions and bridging
6. Continue to improve understanding of cognitive functions

  • Successful completion of Level I within the last three (3) years
  • Successful completion of the Woodcock-Johnson IV training
  • Minimum one year experience with one student – minimum 100 contact hours
  • Record a 30-40 minute session with an actual NILD student demonstrating their implementation of only the five core techniques.
  • Submit this video to current mentor/level I instructor/coach for review
  • Submit a completed (and signed by NILD-approved Mentor) NILD Core Technique Checklist
  • Proof of attendance to at least one (1) NILD regional conference in the last year
  • Proof of attendance to at least two (2) NILD or related field webinars
  • Course textbooks and materials are required (see syllabus for more information)
  • Pre-course assignments: None.

  June 7,9,14,16,18 • EST = Online begins May 10

 June 14, 16, 21, 23, 25 • MT = Online begins May 17  

 July 19, 21, 26, 28, 30 • PST = Online begins June 21

 July 26, 28 & August 2, 4, 6 • EST = Online begins June 28 

 August 2, 4, 9, 11, 13 • SEU Grad Credit Only – EST = Online June 30

**Early bird discounts expire one month prior to each online start date. Registration closes two weeks prior to each online start date.