NILD Group Educational Therapy Course

Have you ever wondered if the power of NILD educational therapy could be multiplied? NILD Group Educational Therapy™, GET, is an effective way to harness the dynamic of one-on-one and multiply the effectiveness through group intervention.

NILD educational therapists are taught how to adapt and implement the five core techniques in small group work for four to six students per group. Developing peer mediation enhances students’ self-regulation skills, facilitates social learning and cooperation abilities, and promotes interactive language among peers. With GET, the power of the NILD intervention is multiplied.  You can reach more students and lower the cost to families for this intervention!

Enables the NILD Level II (or higher) trained Educational Therapists to identify and assess student needs and utilize the group model of educational therapy (GET) to teach students how to learn and succeed in the classroom directly through academics and indirectly for social skills.

Upon completion of this course, the therapist will be able to:
1. Communicate an understanding of the differences between group and individualized educational therapy
2. Demonstrate an ability to work with groups of 4-6 students in the five core NILD techniques.
3. Communicate the theories of mediated learning in a group setting.
4. Design a plan for group implementation that would meet the learning needs of a specific group of students.

Successful completion of two levels (or more) of  NILD Educational Therapy training and hold current NILD membership. 

Pre-assignments: None.