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“A very practical, stimulating conference. I felt that this conference offered valuable seminars directly applicable to educational therapy as well as others that have a broader interest base.”

Jane Z.
Educational Therapist

“I always knew my child was capable, however, she was still struggling though her schoolwork. NILD helped turn-on the switch in her brain! She finally was fully comprehending the subject matter and as a result her schoolwork and confidence grew so much.”

 NILD Parent

“The biggest change we’ve seen has been in our daughter’s confidence. It’s what every parent hopes for their child’s learning experience.”

NILD Parent

“I can’t thank the Lord enough for proving such an intervention program for my children. Both my daughters have made such tremendous strides academically and have grown in confidence.”

Latonya Bryant

“I began to improve right away. My coordination became better. (My cheerleading motions were now in unison with the rest of the squad instead of backwards!)”


“During the first parent conference of this year for her son Takeyon, Sabrina Rodgers had tears in her eyes as she shared the progress she sees in her 3rd grader. Takeyon is receiving the intervention of Park Place School in addition to weekly RX for Discovery Reading educational therapy.”

Allison Mullinax
Vice Principal

“The Discovery Rx Reading Program has been a successful remediation effort for struggling students at our school. The program provided well-validated reading instruction for some of our most at-risk students.”

Deborah Laurdent, M. Ed.
Reading Specialist, Olive Branch Elementary School

“My son was in the 3rd grade and having difficulties in the area of writing. We were looking for someone who had experience working with students with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. We are very happy to report that he increased his grade from an “N” (needs improvement) to a “B” by the end of the year. More importantly, he is very proud of his progress and is looking forward to the 4th grade.”

Daniella M.


“Within a coupe of weeks, we saw large strides in our son’s motivation to read. He read his first full book ever (for fun) through assistive technology. His motivation for learning and self confidence improved Within a coupe of weeks, we saw large strides in our son’s motivation to read. He read his first full book ever (for fun) through assistive technology. His motivation for learning and self confidence improved (and continues to increase) as he begins to believe his way of learning is not less than his peers, but just different.”



“NILD has transformed my child from a frustrated and confused child, to an avid and diligent learner. This program has taught her to be confident in her schoolwork which makes her an enthusiastic scholar. Nothing has proven that more to me as the recent COVID distance learning challenge. I believe her hard work with the NILD program has propelled her to be an independent learner.”

NILD Parent

NILD is an international non-profit teacher training organization that builds competence and confidence for educators.

We have a 40-year track record of success in transforming the lives of over 100,000 students worldwide.

NILD is endorsed and accredited by leading experts and organizations in the field of education, and our methods are praised by parents, students, and educators who have seen lasting results. In addition to providing accredited training to educators, we connect students to NILD-certified and licensed Educational Therapists and NILD-inside schools.